About Extrafunk |

About Extrafunk | Graphic design is an art form that can be utilized in many different media and in many different - individual - styles. In an effort to expand these creative horizons I collaborated with the renowned light architect Hedwig to come up with a unique product, which combines both the art of light and graphic design. We call our collaborative work: iFunk.

+ What is an iFunk? | INFORMATION |
An iFunk is basically a modern take on canvas art. Based on our clients' wishes we design a personal art piece - your own iFunk! - that will be printed on high-end canvas cloth, making the iFunk look and feel like an expensive piece of artwork. Your personal iFunk can be customized to any extent! Even size does not matter! Our goal is to design canvas art without limitations. For instance, your iFunk can be fitted in a stainless steal frame or contain images of your own children. The possibilities are endless.

+ iFunk light | ALTERNATIVE OPTION |
Without light there would be no life. If you want your iFunk to really add value to your home or business then there's also an option to add light to your canvas. Light will be fitted behind the canvas, illuminating your personal iFunk. This unique option will make the design on your canvas come to life. We have created personal iFunk's for clients such as:

Fontys Hogescholen
Cultural Centrum Tiliander

If you are interested in creating your own iFunk or if you have any questions regarding our unique product then don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach us here.